About Us
Somali Bravanese Association In London (SBAIL) is a
voluntary organisation which was founded by Somali Bravanese professionals who intend to serve the Somali community. SBAIL is guided by the principles of accountability, participation, equality, dialogue and respect.
SBAIL intends to serve those who most need assistance and support i.e. refugees and asylum seekers, old people, parents, children and young people, etc.

Our vision: 

Our vision is to make Somali Bravanese Association In London a successful organisation which addresses key issues concerning Somali community including education, welfare rights, healthcare services, housing problems, family matters, sports and youth activities, and meaningful integration in the mainstream society. We are committed to seeing our community to be successful citizens in this country.
Mission Statement:
Our mission is to help the Somali Community and other minority groups become economically stronger, educationally achieving higher, socially more confident, professionally better skilled, politically more powerful, culturally more respectful, towards others and themselves, and above all better integrated within the mainstream society.

Aims & Objectives:

1.  To  advance and improve the education, healthcare, social welfare of the        Somali community and other black and minority ethnic people that are in    
     the greatest of need, disadvantaged and vulnerable.
2    To help them to work together and become good citizens.
3    To empower women, children and young people to develop their personal         skills  and abilities through improved access to employment and education.
4    To enhance Community cohesion, promote social inclusion.
5    Improve the well being of disadvantaged people through education and     
      recreational activities

     The Activities of the Association
     1.  Supplementary school classes:
      2.  Outreach Support  For old People:
      3.  Youth Support Services:
      4.   Football Club Project For Children and Young people
      5.    Advocacy and Advice for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
      6.    Elderly Social Club.
      7.   Women Social Club.



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